The “Process”

[All photography is by the talented Nicholas Occhino] If you have ever wondered how I create my menus, let me explain. It starts out with anxiety. A steady leak of comparison drips through my mental barriers, and slithers down to smolder inside my chest. Fueled by the scrolling of Instagram posts and Facebook feeds lead [...]


I wish someone had told me earlier that if what you want isn’t out in the world, you can make it. If the job you’re working makes you miserable, quit it. If the expectations you aren’t living up to make create anxiety and unease,  throw them away and find new ones. I wish I had [...]

A Food Blog

This was never meant to be a food blog. There was never an intention of filling this space with recipes, or answering queries about why your french onion doesn't look like the one in the picture. This was meant to be a space of growth, with food used as the medium of interpretation. Food, and [...]


[All photos courtesy of Nick Occhino] July 20th, 2017, is going to forever remain a pivotal moment in my life. It wasn't perfect, in retrospect it was quite amateur, but it was a shift. An internal inertia turned physical reality, right in front of my face, proving something true. I can do some really cool [...]


Looking for the Line. I thought it was fairly clever, when I first thought of it (especially compared to "a checkered past"...cause, pants). It rings true in ways I didn't realize until recent weeks. Though I can't fully remember the turning point, there was one, back in college, where I looked at a plate of [...]


Finding purpose has never been an easily hit target, at any point, for myself. Murky waters of doubt surrounding the source of my intentions tend to cause anxiety, and spur retreat. Am I doing this for a real, true, sincere and honest reason? Or is it selfish, rooted in a deep and tangled web of [...]


I struggled with a self-imposed question this week – is life risotto, or a pot of water? I’m stretching, a crazy diversion from the usual posts. Risotto makes a strong case, with those tough, hard grains, being slowly massaged into a creamy, indulgent, luxurious gift of sustenance. Created with the barest of ingredients, water and [...]