Flora and Feast

meadows of flora and ferntell me in whispers,dew covered anecdotes of what could and should be a beauty not meant to survive away from the stems supportor roots strong sustenance In Roman mythology Flora, the twin of Fauna, was the goddess of all blooming and flowering plants. Though a minor goddess, she was held in [...]

A Good Morrow

A dinner party, coffee, tea,Sandwich, or supper, all may beIn their way pleasant. But to meNot one of these deserves the praiseThat welcomer of new-born days,A breakfast, merits; The greatest gift that the past year has given me, was the knowledge that impressing was more of a happy compliment to things, and not an ultimate [...]

2019, in review

I Worried, the poem, by beautiful Mary Oliver, is a heart-achingly reminiscent depiction of the past year for me. I worried a lot. will the garden grow, will the rivers flow in the right direction, will the Earth run as it was taught, and if not how shall I correct it? It began so light, [...]

A Sweet Distraction

When January 1st arrives, and sweeps cooling winds throughout the way, there's a shift that is uniquely shared outside of any other time. The air smells crisp like stark citrus, cleansing and refreshing. There's a special pocket of time where invigoration condenses like clouds across the sky, new with each sunrise. This is the time [...]

Do you know how difficult it is to start one of these things? It's a perfect representation of how I feel about anything I do; if it doesn't begin perfectly, it won't end perfectly, and if that's the case, what's the point? Why begin at all, why stress about it? Just trash it before it hits the starting line [...]

‘For Her’, Behind the Dinner

Sometimes, in order to move forward and find progress within ourselves, we have to resist jumping into the deep end. Instead, there needs to be some wading back towards home, towards stability and equilibrium. For Her was my humble attempt to do so. My dinner before hand, VERT-IGO, was not what I would personally deem [...]

Fourth Wall

The pop up dinners take weeks of work, and said work usually begins as soon as the previous dinner concludes. It's a labor of love and passion, but ultimately takes up a significant portion of my life. It all begins with a concept; not necessarily a theme, though that has happened 50% of the time [...]

The “Process”

[All photography is by the talented Nicholas Occhino] If you have ever wondered how I create my menus, let me explain. It starts out with anxiety. A steady leak of comparison drips through my mental barriers, and slithers down to smolder inside my chest. Fueled by the scrolling of Instagram posts and Facebook feeds lead [...]


I wish someone had told me earlier that if what you want isn’t out in the world, you can make it. If the job you’re working makes you miserable, quit it. If the expectations you aren’t living up to make create anxiety and unease,  throw them away and find new ones. I wish I had [...]

A Food Blog

This was never meant to be a food blog. There was never an intention of filling this space with recipes, or answering queries about why your french onion doesn't look like the one in the picture. This was meant to be a space of growth, with food used as the medium of interpretation. Food, and [...]