The Biz

In Whites refers to the traditional uniform of chefs (white chef coat), and living a life that is filled with kitchens and cooking. In Whites as a business is about promoting local, seasonal food, and community, in the heart of Central PA. There is always room for another seat, and we will always feed those who join us.

Colleen Masteller


Hello! If you are interacting with the business in some regard, you’re most likely speaking to me. I created In Whites in 2017, as a blog to record my thoughts through a food lens, shortly after graduating college. I went to Pennsylvania College of Technology, and graduated with a bachelors degree in Culinary Arts & Sciences. While there, I met John Keefer. He is now my best friend, life partner, companion in adventure, and business partner.

While working at Sawhorse Café, also in Williamsport, I was graciously offered the chance to host my own private dinners. Thus, In Whites: the Pop-up Dinners, was born. Inspiration comes to me primarily from nature, and the art and literature created about it.

During the rare moments my mind isn’t consumed with food, I find peace in gardening, traveling with John, and holding parties for our fellow foodie-friends.

John Keefer


I’ve been involved with In Whites since before Colleen knew she wanted to have a business. 7 years and counting of being one of her chefs/bartenders/wait staff, partner in life, and confidants. What an absolute thrill and privilege it has been, and shall continue to be.

I have 2 years of culinary school experience, and 8 years (as of 2020) of experience working with food, beverage, and service.

I fancy myself a poor-man’s sommelier. I love the theory, practice, and study of beverage service. From beer to liquor and all the in-betweens. If you’ve partaken in an aperitif, cocktail, or specialty kombucha at one of our dinners, those are my creations and contributions.

In my spare time, I find rest in drawing, music, and finding excuses to share a dinner with friends.

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